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This Tiny, Adorable Astor Place Cube Can Be Yours For a Mere $30,000
Astor Place Cube finally back home after two-year absence

Odyssey III Sculpture Now on view in Art of the Open Air, San Diego
Astor Place Cube Could Make its Triumphant Return By Spring 2016
Astor Place Cube Featured in TimeOut Magazine
Ten insider tips for getting the most out of NYC!
See how man lives in Astor Place Cube Sculpture by Tony Rosenthal

Mayor Bloomberg presented Patricia E. Harris, First Deputy Mayor, with the 2013 Doris C. Freedman Award, a Unique Hand Cut and Welded Brass Sculpture created by Tony Rosenthal

On Car-Free Streets, All Signs Point to Art
"Art Within One Mile," by Bundith Phunsombatlert, directs New Yorkers to the statues and murals that they may pass a thousand times but not immediately recognize


Tony Rosenthal Endover Cube Featured in Pure Michigan TV advertising campaign

Tony Rosenthal Memorial Fund
Created To Honor International Sculptor of Public Art who passed away July 28, 2009.

In lieu of flowers, th Family requests Contributions be made to the Tony Rosenthal Memorial Fund

Tony Rosenthal Memorial Fund
Post Office Box 1425
Southampton, NY 11969

Artnet: 8/3/09
Remember The Alamo by Charlie Finch

Artforum: 8/3/09
Tony Rosenthal (1914–2009)

Miami Herald: 8/3/09
Tony Rosenthal Obituary | Leading sculptor of public arts

New York Times Slide Show
The Public Art of Tony Rosenthal
: The New York Times Creates Slide Show of Tony Rosenthal’s sculpture in public spaces.
5 in 1, 1973-74, New York City; Kepaakala (Sun Disc), 1969, Honolulu; Pass Thru, 1988, Hempstead, NY; SteelPark, 1980, New York City; Alamo, 1967, New York City.


New York Times Obituary: Tony Rosenthal, A Sculptor of Public Art: 7/31/09
Tony Rosenthal, the Sculptor of Public Art, best known for creating Alamo, one of 5 Tony Rosenthal Public Sculptures on permanent display in New York City, died on July 28, 2009 in Southhampton, NY, in the arms of his Wife, Cynthia.

The New York Times Obituary by William Grimes is a tribute to this Important Sculptor of Public Art, who was also my good friend whom I will dearly miss.
According to his New York Times Obituary, "In sheer visibility, Mr. Rosenthal occupied a leading place among contemporary artists."

"His five works of public sculpture in Manhattan, and dozens of similar works in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and other cities, guaranteed him a vast audience every week, yet he remained, if not obscure, much less than famous."

“He reminds me of a character actor,” said Joseph K. Levene, Mr. Rosenthal's Agent told the New York Times. “You know the face but not the name. With him, you know the art.”

He was best known for “Alamo,” familiarly called “The Cube” and a neighborhood favorite since it was installed in 1967 as part of the city’s “Sculpture in Environment” program. All 25 works in the program were intended to be temporary installations, but after residents in the Astor Place area petitioned the city, “Alamo” stayed.

A 15-foot-square cube, made of Cor-Ten steel plates, it stands on one point and revolves on a pedestal, which has endeared it to students at nearby Cooper Union, skateboarders who rally around it and East Village tourists."In 1960, as his style turned to geometric abstraction, he moved to New York and began showing with the dealer Sam Kootz, who persuaded him to use his nickname, Tony, professionally. He was later represented by Knoedler and André Emmerich. In 2001 he moved to Southampton."

Mr. Rosenthal exhibited all over the world. In 1999 Rizzoli published the Sam Hunter Monograph about his work, “Tony Rosenthal,” with a forward by Edward Albee.
A hard-working and prolific artist into his 90s, he found that one honor eluded him.

“He never had a retrospective, but that’s all right,” Mr. Levene said. “He has one every day on the streets of New York.


Tony Rosenthal Sculptures Featured in Ralph Lauren Flagship Store Windows, New York City

Tony Rosenthal selected 4 Sculptures that are featured in the Windows of the Ralph Lauren Flagship Store during July and August 2009.  Located at 867 Madison Avenue, four Windows each feature a Tony Rosenthal Sculpture. Two Wall Sculptures in Wood Untitled,1996, and Cats Eye, 2006 and Wall Sculptures Metal Sculptures from the Accumulation Series; Untitled, 1997, and Untitled, 1998, have created much interest to te clothes and the Art on Madison Avenue.

Tony Rosenthal Polo Ralph Lauren Tony Rosenthal Polo Ralph Lauren Tony Rosenthal Polo Ralph Lauren
Tony Rosenthal Landmark Alamo, 1967 Sculpture Remains Centerpiece of Astor Place Overhaul

According to the New York Post, construction on a long-promised pedestrian plaza at Astor Place and Cooper Square could begin by next summer after proceeding at a crawl for decades.

The new open space, which will appeal to the neighborhood's students, skateboarders and the growing latte-drinking yuppie population - will double the car-free area at the iconic crossroads that mark the gateway to the East Village

Accoding to the New York Post, Tony Rosenthal's famous Cube Cor-Ten Steel Sculpture, Alamo, 1967, will remwill improve the neighborhood by calming traffic, enhancing pedestrian safety and beautifying the streets and public spaces," said New York City Department of Transportation ain as the centerpiece of the plan. "This project spokesman Scott Gastel.

Video: Tony Rosenthal Discusses Alamo, 1967

Tony Rosenthal 1960 Brass Sculpture Included in Grey Art Gallery Exhibition
Tony Rosenthal 1960 Sculpture
, Commissioned by the University in 1960, is included in New York Cool at NYU, April 22-July 19, 2008. Mr. Rosenthal was one of five Sculptors invited to submit models for a relief to adorn NYU’s Loeb Student Center. Tony Rosenthal produced the Exhibited Sculpture, titled Brass Sketch, which did not win the commission.

Its composition of uneven, abstract rectangular strips with alternating ridges and cavities suggests a link to the elaborate wood-carved altarpieces of the Northern Renaissance, with their rows of deeply undercut figures. By this time, Mr. Rosenthal was also making streamlined cubes, columns, and cylinders with hard-edged trenches and craters cut into their surfaces.

Tony Rosenthal
Sculpture Sketch, 1960
Unique Brass Sculpture
12 x 12 inches
Collection NYU, Commissioned 1960
© Tony Rosenthal/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY

Tony Rosenthal Featured September 2007 Architectural Digest Special Issue: Designers' Own Homes

September 2007 Architectural Digest Front Cover


Sculpture Gets Attention in New York: Major Exhibitions at Museums and Galleries:

The Abstract Impulse: Fifty Years of Abstraction at the National Academy, 1956-2006

Tony Rosenthal, the Internationally famous Sculptor of Public Art, will be included in the upcoming National Academy, New York, Exhibition "The Abstract Impulse: Fifty Years of Abstraction at the National Academy, 1956-2006".

The Exhibition, from August 1 - December 31, 2007, will be comprised of approximately 60 Paintings, Sculptures, and Works on Paper.

Tony Rosentha's Miniature Alamo, 1967, an extraordinary Hand Cut and Welded Brass and Bronze Unique Sculpture will exhibited along with other Abstract Art by Will Barnett, Helen Frankenthaler, Jasper Johns, Robert Mangold, Robert Motherwell.

Tony Rosenthal
MiniatureAlamo, 1967
Hand Cut and Welded Brass and Bronze Unique Sculpture
9 1/2 x 8 x 8 inches
Signed &Dated "Rosenthal 67" on the Base
Collection: National Academy Museum, New York
Gift of Tony Rosenthal, 1996
© Tony Rosenthal/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY

National Academy Museum, New York Exhibition Titled "The Abstract Impulse: Fifty Years of Abstraction at the National Academy, 1956-2006; August 1 - December 31, 2007"

Edward Albee/ Sam Hunter, Tony Rosenthal, Rizzoli, New York, 1999, other Unique versions reproduced in color, pages 24-27.


Tony Rosenthal Alamo, 1967, the Landmark Astor Place Sculpture Final Visual Clue Season 10 Amazing Race Season Finale

Mr. Rosenthal's Alamo,1967, Cor-Ten Steel Sculpture was provided as a final clue on the Season 10 CBS Season Finale of The Amazing Race.

The team of Tyler & James won $1 Million after identifying Tony Rosenthal's Landmark Sculpture Alamo, 1967, also known as the Astor Place Cube.

Tony Rosenthal
Alamo, 1967
Painted CorTen Steel
15 x 15 x 15 feet
Collection New York City
Astor Place Traffic Island
Lafayette Street at 8th Street
© Tony Rosenthal/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY

Tony Rosenthal "Alamo", 1967, was first installed at Astor Place as part of Doris C. Freedman's "Sculpture in Environment" installation, sponsored by the New York City Administration of Recreation and Cultural Affairs.

Tony Rosenthal "Alamo", 1967 is most often referred to as the "Astor Place Cube", the Monumental 15' Rotating Black CorTen Steel Cube, poised on its tip. "Alamo" was the first permanent Contemporary Outdoor Sculpture installed in the City of New York.

Tony Rosenthal's "Alamo", 1967 was the recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Visit the Official CBS The Amazing Race Website

Tony Rosenthal
Alamo, 1967
Painted CorTen Steel
Collection New York City
Astor Place Traffic Island
Lafayette Street at 8th Street
© Tony Rosenthal/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY

NYC Press Release Regarding Restoration of Alamo in 2005

New York City Department of Parks & Recreation